Jo Tubb had a profound impact on hundreds of children and their families through her work in paediatric physiotherapy. She furthered her paediatric skills through post-graduate training at the University of Melbourne and valued the additional knowledge and skills she obtained. Her passion for paediatrics and the skills she developed enabled her to pass on her knowledge to future therapists in the field.

Post-graduate courses in specific paediatric fields are limited, making it difficult for professionals to build the specialised skills required to treat and manage the care of children with disabilities.

To acknowledge her enthusiasm for mentoring and teaching others, the JTF has awarded a number of scholarships over the past few years:

  • In 2016 JTF was proud to support two aspiring young paediatric physiotherapists from Cairns in far North Queensland in the development of their education to support children with disabilities. The foundation supported the physiotherapists with funding to assist in their attendance at the Foundation Course for Paediatric Therapists with the Australian Bobath and Neurodevelopmental Association in Brisbane. Chloe Taifolos and Emma Flint both took 7 weeks of unpaid leave to travel the 1500km to Brisbane to attend this important course, Emma even sacrificing her honeymoon to attend!
  • In 2015 we awarded a scholarship to a postgraduate student enrolling in the Masters of Advanced Paediatric Physiotherapy Practice at Monash University. This specialisation is designed for physiotherapists with an interest in developing advanced practice roles within the sub-speciality of paediatrics including neonates, infants and those with particular needs.
    Meet the recipient of the 2015 Scholarship: Charlene
  • In 2014 we awarded a scholarship to a postgraduate student enrolling in the Specialist Certificate in Rural Paediatric Practice (SCiPP). SCiPP, run by the University of Melbourne and the Rural Health Academic Centre, in collaboration with Echuca Regional Health and the Royal Children’s Hospital provides an opportunity for the health professional to develop a comprehensive knowledge and skills base to facilitate generalist or paediatric practice for rural health professionals working in rural or remote areas.
    Meet the recipient of the 2014 scholarship: Amy
  • In 2013 we awarded a scholarship to a postgraduate student Bobath Neuro-Developmental Therapy Advanced Babies Course held in January 2014. This internationally recognised course aims to give therapists more in-depth knowledge of all aspects of infant development, enabling them to differentiate between typical and atypical development at an early age and to recognize when an infant is at risk and requires intervention. The course was held over two weeks in Melbourne and provided training in the assessment and treatment of children who have neuromuscular conditions such as Cerebral Palsy. For further information about this and other Paediatric workshops please visit the Australian Bobath and NDT Association.
    Meet the recipient of the 2013 scholarship: BryOny
  • In 2012 we awarded a postgraduate student enrolling in the Specialist Certificate in Paediatric Orthopaedic Physiotherapy (SCiPOP). The SCiPOP is run by the School of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne. This certificate enables health professionals to undertake post-graduate training to build skills and knowledge to better meet the needs of the children and their families. The SCiPOP is designed for physiotherapists wanting to further develop their skills in musculoskeletal practice.
    Meet the recipient of the 2012 scholarship: Melinda


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